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Introduction/ Home furnishing

Home furnishing

Here you can see same of our work sorted into different categories.


Unique kitchen furniture

Most of the kitchen pieces that we have ever made are based on different sizes and personal ideas.

Built-in cabinets

With built-in furniture we can use those parts of our home that are not compatible with mass-produced pieces – they either do not fit or they would leave too much empty space. On top of that, we can easily adjust the sizes of the furniture to our needs.

Room furniture

To make the whole room aesthetic, practical and comfortable,the furniture requires careful and thorough planning.

Hallway furniture

At first it doesnt seem as important, but that is not the case at all! It is important to have proper storage space, to make going out and arriving easier. For this reason the most important during planning is to aim for comfort and be practical.


All the other things based on your ideas.