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What we work with...



The most valuable and timeless row material. The 90 percent of the material used by us are pine, beech, oak, acacia, but we also can fulfill exotic orders.

Main species:

⇒ pine
⇒ spruce
⇒ larch
⇒ beech
⇒ oak
⇒ walnut
⇒ cherry
⇒ maple 
⇒ acacia
⇒ ash


(Medium Density Fibre)

The cut, pitted, prepared parts are treated with painting or plastic. More expensive than other artificial furniture parts but cheaper than wood. It can be ordered in unique measures but on higher price and shipment is longer, approximately 14-30 days.
Easy to clean. There are hundreds of the painted colours, and about 50-100 version of the plastic covers. It does not like the long term moistness. The main areas are kitchen furniture or wardrobe doors.

Furniture board

The most frequent material in furniture production. Good price, high variety of colour and design choice. Mostly for wardrobes' corpus, shelves, the thick version for desks.
Materials for closing the board cutting edge are: face foil, 0.4 mm plastic ABS, 2 mm plastic ABS.
Main producers are: Interspan, Falco, Egger, Cronospan, and Cronowood

Laminated wood

Tabular wood for heavy duty use. Flexible, strong, paintable, lacquer-able. The thinner coloured version is ideal for furniture door inner lining.


Suitable for shelves, cupboard wing, or wardrobe front door. Perfect wood feeling when slatted, polished and surface treated, but at more lower price than the real wood. The ply on the basic material is made of nature wood and can be found on high variety.

Equipments and accessories used by us mainly are:

⇒ Interspan
⇒ Falco          
⇒ Forest
⇒ Haefele       
⇒ Teka
⇒ Blanco
⇒ Eranke
⇒ Milesi
⇒ Saheco
⇒ Blum
⇒ Corian

  and other commercial products.

Furniture doors

We deal among other things, distribution of furniture door fronts, which are also used in the preparation of our furniture. Without the need for complete, blister, coated, acrylic, antique, wooden design and sample collection to choose. No price difference between standard and custom sizes of door fronts, significantly easier and favorable price makes the imagined your furniture (be it kitchen, bath v. Hall, etc,) the development of the front surface.



Interior design


With our help you can plan the interior and furniture of your home or one specific room (visual planning is also possible). At the same time you can also order pieces that are already done, this way you do not have to go around town, since we offer full service. We guarantee the quality of our work. We hope that you will also find the one applying to your taste, let that be unique furniture or our retail products.